~September, 2014~

Here’s the next installment in the Gabe Quinn Mystery Series from author, Keith Houghton – narrated once again by the brilliant, David Doersch.

Here’s what “Goodreads” had to say:

Crossing Lines (Gabe Quinn #2)CrossingLines Cover

by Keith Houghton (Goodreads Author)
When a mutilated body is washed up on a picturesque Florida beach it marks the beginning of the end for “Celebrity Cop” Gabe Quinn. Nothing is quite what it seems and never will be again. What follows is an explosive game of cat and mouse and a death race to save a woman’s life from the hands of a madman. But this is no ordinary kidnapper. This is Gabe’s nemesis – the murderer of his wife, the monster responsible for killing Hope: The Maestro. And he has returned with an old score to settle. One that will force Gabe to cross every line he has ever made, begging the question …’How far would you go to protect your children?