Your ability to speak confidently and persuasively is your most important asset. It helps you connect with people, share the ideas you’re most passionate about, and realize your dreams. This updated guide provides easy-to-learn skills that will take your speeches and presentations to the next level, so you enjoy public speaking more and make everything you say more memorable.

In this expanded edition of How to Give a Speech, actor and speech coach Gary Genard introduces you to The Genard Method of performance-based public speaking. Individuals and business teams around the world have used these techniques to build their confidence and skill and to speak with power and professionalism. Discover the step-by-step method for reducing stage fright, organizing a presentation, engaging audiences, and speaking like a pro.

Recorded/Narrated by the author, edited & mastered here @Armadillo Audio Group

Gary Genard is one of America’s leading speech coaches. As an actor and communications professor, he created The Genard Method to bring theater-based techniques to business leaders and other professionals with a need to influence audiences. Dr. Genard consults for corporations, governments, trade associations, the United Nations, both houses of Congress, and executives and leadership teams worldwide.



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