LeeAnne & Armie!












The reality-tv show, “Jerseylicious” came to our studios in the form of actress, LeeAnne Hutchison (AEA/SAG), promo-announcer for the series.  We connected to LARSON STUDIOS, in Hollywood via ISDN for the session.

Currently, LeeAnne is starring as ‘Lisa’ in PRIVATE EYES, a dark comedy by Steven Dietz, at Shaker Bridge Theater in Enfield. NH, near Dartmouth College.  In this play, LeeAnne has the opportunity to play opposite her husband, GRANT NEALE in this wicked play about love, lust and the power of deception!

UPDATE!  Fred Howard, master engineer at LARSON gave us a call the following day, wondering if we (by chance) had rolled a backup on the session at a higher-resolution than ISDN is capable of.  The man has ‘dog ears’!

Of course.  (In fact, our ‘safety’  is high-def, 192khz/24bit! )

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