“Working with Peter Acker for the audiobook of  “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” was, to me, the pinnacle of artistic collaboration. His sharp eye and ear, decades of hard-earned experience, and crystalline attention to detail is felt every minute in the booth–and turned a first timer like myself into a smooth-sailing, fluid, even capable, audio book narrator. Most importantly, he made it fun and joyful. And art, at its best, should be a joy.”

~Ocean Vuong, Author


“Recording at Armadillo is a pleasure. I’ve recorded two books and several interviews with Peter and I never want to record anywhere else. Hot tea, fruit salad, high quality audio and a great sense of humor. Literally everything you could ask for. Also: Adorable dogs.”

~ Emily Nagoski, Author





” Narrating the audiobook version of my book was a highlight of my first publishing experience, thanks to Peter Acker’s warm, professional direction.He managed to soothe my nerves with offerings of tea, honey, and clear guidance, and throughout the hours in Armadillo Audiobooks’ homey feeling, yet state of the art sound studio, I benefited from Peter’s depth of knowledge and expertise. The publishers were thrilled with the result, and I owe it all to Peter, who helped me sound better than I ever could have imagined.”

~ Jill Shulman, Author


“As a narrator, having Peter on my production team means I can focus on my work because I know he’s got the editing side of things all taken care of.

Peter is a great communicator, keeps things positive, and most importantly his work is just fantastic. Can’t say enough about Peter’s work. I only hope he has enough time left in his schedule to work for me after people read all of these glowing recommendations!”

~ Andi Arndt, Narrator ~

“In the comfort of Armadillo Audiobooks’ home studio, Peter Acker makes it easy. He is professional, accommodating, supportive, and knowledgeable. A perfect mix for a most positive experience.”

~Marisa Labozzetta, Author,